Pardon me a moment while I get on my soapbox:

Here is my pet peeve of the day - telling an animal group to be like another animal group. EVERY GROUP IS DIFFERENT. They operate in different communities/areas of the country, they operate on different missions and policy, some have boards/some don’t, some are non profit/some are not, some cater to a specific breed/some don’t, some have a huge following/some don’t, some have TONS of fosters/volunteers/ some don’t…this list could go on and on. I wish people would see it is not a competition, everyone is doing what they do for the animals in their own way.

I will probably eat my sock the day everyone finds a group that meshes with their own values and puts the lead out to support them instead of judging others. Cooperation and learning from each other is wonderful and I totally love groups that get that. I know quite a few in our area alone that are striving to do that…I wish individual general public would get with the program too!

Listened to some of this album as I dropped the kiddo off to school this morning. Not a bad way to start a Friday…